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Gather your party before venturing forth.

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Impressions from the award ceremony 2019 at creative yard "Die Stadtwirtschaft".

Six new KRACH awardees

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Award winners have been announced for the second round of the funding program KRACH - Kreativraum Chemnitz

Video review of KRACH weekend 2019


Get in on a digital journey through time to the not too distant past! We're traveling to the KRACH applicant weekend 2019, which led the nominees of KRACH 2.0 to Chemnitz in the middle of June.

Grand Opening


After almost a year of construction, the project shop "NatürlichKreativ" of KRACH award winner Holzkombinat will open on June 29th at the Brühl.



The KRACH team visited laureate Ulrike Sorge in Spinnereimaschinenbau.

The next step


The Center for the Performing Arts is the first user in the new creative center "Die Stadtwirtschaft".

Nominees are confirmed


International jury shortlists 16 projects

Dinner with the winner

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Ongoing preparations for the KRACH candidate weekend 2019