June 17, 2019

The KRACH team visited laureate Ulrike Sorge in Spinnereimaschinenbau.

Visiting Ulrike Sorge at the Spinnerei Chemnitz, KRACH-winner of the first round 2017/18. Ulrike, dramaturge at Schauspielhaus Chemnitz for several years and now freelance director and creative, has been looking for a quiet space - not too far from home, but far enough to concentrate on her work. With the help of KRACH she found it in Spinnereimaschinenbau Chemnitz.

Uli goes to work by bike. Especially in early summer, when it's green, she enjoys the way to her KRACH space. It does not take a lot of furnishings to be creative.

As an inspiration, Uli likes to shift her work from her desk to the windowsill and let her gaze wander out the window - her real favorite spot in the room. Actually, Ulrike's ensemble is already complete. Only an additional couch on which one can sometimes lay down to rest would be nice.

What is she working on next? A radio play maybe? We are already curious.

Ulrike Sorge

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