How to apply


KRACH is not random music. We want to invite those projects which suit Chemnitz best. Therefore, all ideas submitted should be comparable.

We need some information about you and your project so we can compare all ideas to the local potential and compare submissions. After all, we want to know how well your idea and the city of Chemnitz would fit together.

By the way: All parties involved in KRACH - whether program makers, jury members or employees of contracted service providers - have signed a confidentiality agreement. Your ideas are safe with us.


1. Tenants

All makers who have an innovative idea and are still looking for suitable premises can apply. We have several rooms available. Together we want to revive them, set them up with projects and paper them with ideas. Your creative company should have only existed for a maximum of four years at the end of the application period.

2. Evaluation

All submitted projects will be judged by an international jury according to the following criteria:

  • Innovation and development potential
  • Feasibility, professionalism, economic sustainability and social relevance
  • Competence of the persons involved in the project
  • Reference to the city and the district
  • Development potential and synergy effects for the location
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3. Give and take

Our space providers want to learn from their tenants. For this purpose, all winners submit an annual report for a period of three years. This includes a short project outline, which shows the course of the project. They will be summarized into a final report for each funding year and are presented as part of a networking event.

4. How to apply?

ATTENTION: The application process closed on 30th of April 2019.

In the second round of KRACH application will be made exclusively online and specific to one room - this is how we want to improve matching between space providers and tenants.

Here you can can have a look at 2019's KRACH spaces.

In your application you will have to answer 10 questions to explain your concept and you need to upload a sketch of your desired interior fitting.

Here you can find a checklist on what we would like to know about you and your project.

To apply, first create an applicant profile and start with your application. You can save a draft of your application and can also invite your team members to fill out your application together. You have to submit your application formally until the 30th of April.

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We also have a newsletter for you.

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