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Team - Partner

Only small children can do KRACH alone

A program like KRACH - Kreativraum Chemnitz requires a lot of know-how and commitment. From people who have an idea and from people who put this idea on the road. From space donors: inside, who hand in their commercial space to KRACH conditions. From sponsor: inside, pay the prize money or publicity. From supporters: inside, who advise the projects in the submission phase. By juror: inside, who use their experience to examine the submitted projects. KRACH has found these people. They are at your side with help and advice.

Space provider, Partner

City of Chemnitz

City of Chemnitz

Space provider of the first round
Space provider of the second round


Creative Saxony

Creative Saxony - Saxon Center for Cultural and Creative Industries


Creative Chemnitz

Association of the Cultural and Creative Industries Chemnitz e.V.