The first KRACH spaces.

Jakobstrasse 46

This space is situated in the former business complex of the Chemnitzer Stadtwirtschaft in the middle of the cultural heart of the quarter. The theatre, clubs, pubs and the favourite pizza place of many Chemnitzers are just around the corner.

Theaterstraße 17

In the city centre you will find everything Chemnitz has to offer. Just around the corner they are developing a new pub district.

Moritzstrasse 20

Close to the central bus and tram station and several cultural sites, this area provides you with everything Chemnitz has to offer.

Altchemnitzer Straße 27 G1

So, you can make and shape your future amidst a highly creative environment. If you want to take a break from all this, there is a laser-tag arena, the Escape Room Chemnitz and an indoor bouldering hall on the premises.

Sebastian-Bach-Straße 16

The Sonnenberg is one of the most exciting quarters of the city. This is the place where different cultures meet and new projects flourish, where it might be somewhat dirtier here and there, the place where there is plenty of room for wild ideas.

Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 21

Within a few minutes walking distance from the opera house, the municipal swimming pool and the Schlossteich park with a boating pond, the city centre and the university. Thanks to the main train and bus station just around the corner the world is yours to explore.

Leipziger Straße 51

Your neighbours are a wine shop, an organic grocery store and a shop for artists supplies. You will also find a day care centre and a civic centre in the surrounding streets.

Brühl 46

Some of your new neighbours are the so called Musikkombinat with the rehearsal rooms of the Chemnitzer Bandbüro, which supports the local music scene, little pubs, cafés and meeting spaces, a citizens radio station, some start-ups and unusual specialist shops.

Brühl 42 Shop 1

The Brühl is one of the most exciting living quarters in the city. Stirred up by creativity and development, it is once again the place to live. Even if it is still a bit quiet here, this is only because everybody is waiting to make some KRACH.

Brühl 42 Shop 2

The Brühl is one of the most exciting living quarters in the city. Boasting lots of restored Gründerzeit buildings and retail stores, the Brühl is a showcase, a symbol of hope and a future creative quarter with an intensifying potential for KRACH.

Altchemnitzer Straße 27 G4

A pillar of Chemnitz’ industrial heritage, the former production site for spinning machines “Spinnereimaschinenbau” has been full of life, music and culture for some years now.