Wirkbau - Building C (II)

You need a great connection to public transport and only a little space for your ideas? This second space in Wirkbau is as long as wide as high, at least almost. Your neighbor is probably a KRACH winner too.

Wirkbau - Building C (I)

Seeing the Eiffel Tower - in its lying variant with trains on top. Never being late - thanks to the clock tower by Schubert & Salzer. And an office (or a studio or a workshop - just as you want) is included.

schönherr.fabrik - K40 (III)

Would you really like a lot of space for you and your project? This 130 square meters offer many possibilities - and your neighbors are probably going to make KRACH too.

schönherr.fabrik - K40 (II)

An entire floor in Künstlerhaus K40 in schönherr.fabrik is ready for KRACH 2019 - it most likely will be big enough for more than one project. These 130 square meters could be youre share of it.

schönherr.fabrik - K40 (I)

KRACH at one of the oldest Chemnitz industrial sites? In one of the most successful revitalization projects in the city? On the banks of Chemnitz-river? This is the "Künstlerhaus K40" in schönherr.fabrik. On 260 square meters you can be as creative as it gets.

Creative Yard "Die Stadtwirtschaft"

Something big can be created here: The former depot of the Chemnitz city cleaning becomes a creative farm "Die Stadtwirtschaft". With a bit of pioneering spirit your studio in the attic could become another focal point of a lively scene in one of the most exciting parts of Chemnitz - the Sonnenberg.