Wirkbau - Building C (II)

You need a great connection to public transport and only a little space for your ideas? This second space in Wirkbau is as long as wide as high, at least almost. Your neighbor is probably a KRACH winner too.

Cathedral of Labor

The quarter:

Once upon a time factories were built as close as possible to the city center - as was the case in the district of Altchemnitz on Annaberger Strasse, a traditional industrial site. The building belonged to the machine factory of Schubert & Salzer, its distinctive clock tower gives the complex an almost cathedral look. Nine partially interconnected buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries provide work areas on 43,000 square meters. Today, more than 50 companies - print shops or small production companies - as well as a few of the most promising start-ups of Chemnitz value this place. Because of its proximity to the university, the environment is predominantly young: students living nearby, leisure facilities in sight and one or two to-go coffees can be found on every third street corner.

The location:

Who - except a few French of course - can see the Eiffel Tower while looking out the window? You could: The historic railway viaduct over Annaberger Straße is often described as a horizontal variant of the Parisian landmark. In general, there is only one expression for the connection of Wirkbau: excellent: 1.8 kilometers to the city center, tram lines, Chemnitz-Süd train station, bus stops and the main road from Erzgebirge into the city are right in front of one of the many front doors of Wirkbau area. Partners for your KRACH can also be found nearby: The Q-Hub for start-ups from digitization, big data and business intelligence is just a bridge away and also Spinnereimaschinenbau, the Smart Systems campus or the campus of the TU with its scientists and students are close by.

The space:

KRACH in the Cathedral of Work: in this heritage-protected old building, you will have at least 23 square meters at your disposal. The atmosphere exudes the rustic charm of the working class and every now and then a pallet wagon drives past your door - ideally suited for a mixed use of office and workshop. Or at least as a studio? In any case, the large windows let in enough light and you have a water connection as well. You can also book conference and seminar rooms by the day or by the hour. Also you will have another KRACH project as a neighbor on top. Together, you decide on the use of secondary areas - two locker rooms with water connection.

What's possible: The space provider can imagine a use as a workshop, studio or office.

What will not work: Uses with a floor load higher than 500kp per square meter.

Here's how it works: Moving in is possible right now. For three years, you only pay the additional costs of 3 euros (net) per square meter. From the fourth year on, a base rent of 4 euros per square meter will be added.

Use the floor plan for your application: Grundrisse_A4_Wirkbau.pdf

Space provider

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