Projects 2017 / 2018

"CoBo Lights" creates individual lamps in the industry style of cast concrete, copper pipes or throw away materials.

"Holy Heart Design" creates atmospheric eye-catchers for living rooms and body.

In addition to the open workshop of "Holzkombinat" a "natural creative project shop" is planned.

This porject aims at providing young artists with a wide audiance and thus facilitating their entry into the art market.

The project "prekär 017" is dedicated to the design and construction of special living and working furniture.

The base for "RWL Creative Coffee Hub" is a coffee roastery with a café and a shop.

Scorefab aims at revolutionising music and offers digital copies of sheet music for tablets and smartphones.

With with Straw to Gold fashion designer and tailor Babette Sperling wants to develop her own recycling and upcycling label.

In the KRACH competition Ulrike Sorge is looking for a base from which she can organize her theater projects

"Unknown Basics" is a young, yet internationally acclaimed fashion label from Chemnitz, which specializes in basketball-related streetwear.

Zentrum für Darstellende Kunst
zfbk Vorschau

The Center for the Performing Arts wants to strengthen the art and culture scene on the southern Sonnenberg.