The best of KRACH

Funding program Kreativraum Chemnitz

  • Rent-free space (up to 3 years)
  • 5,000 EUR starting budget for your business idea
  • Individual free consultation by experts and networks
  • Straightforward application process
  • Back-up from Economic Develpoment Corporation, City of Chemnitz (CWE)
  • A city waiting for your idea

You have a stunning idea - we have suitable rooms

Noise (German: Krach) is everywhere. Noise is loud, noise is quiet. Noise is annoying. Noise is soothing and noise is stimulating. The noise of our everyday lives: after all, there is no mute button for life. Wherever there is noise, there is creation, there is activity, there is culture and people come together. The noise never stops in Chemnitz, peace and quiet also dominate.

Moreover, distances are short, the arts and culture scene is constantly moving and has an impressive network. There is just as much living space as there is free space, so enough playground for creativity. That is why the programme KRACH is located in the centre of city life – the creative space of Chemnitz (Kreativraum Chemnitz).

This space is open for all those who are daring and determined and who don’t need a well-feathered nest to put their ideas into and wish to emphasise their work. It is open to all those who wish to contribute to a louder, more cosmopolitan and more pioneering Chemnitz. To sum up, we are looking for people who do not only want to live in urban space but also wish to actively contribute.

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