Checklist for your application

General information

Application for KRACH 2.0 is only possible online via the application form. You have to register for the application. As a project leader, you can invite your partners to work on your joint application. You can apply in German or English. You apply for a certain space. Multiple applications are allowed.

Jury criteria

Among all submissions a jury selects the most innovative projects. It is based on the following evaluation catalog:

  • Innovation and development potential
  • Technical feasibility, professionalism,
  • Economic sustainability and social relevance
  • Competences of the persons involved in the project
  • Reference to city and district
  • Possible cooperation partners and ideas for the development of synergies

For a complete application, follow the questions in the online questionnaire.

You can temporarily save your application and continue editing later.

Make sure you submit your application to KRACH in good time by April 30, 2019, 23:59.

And we want to know that from you:

What you up to?

Outline your project in a maximum of 1,000 characters. The answer to this question would become the basis for KRACH communication about your project.

Why does your project fit into Chemnitz, the quarter and the space?

Please analyze the need for your idea in Chemnitz or in the district.

Who do you want to reach with your project?

Here we would like to receive information about your target groups - and how you want to reach them.

What has changed after 3 years of your project in the city, in the district and with you?

Here we want to find out what benefits your project promises.

Why can you pay your rent in 3 years?

Give us a small preview of your financial plan and the future revenue you aim for.

What is the status of your project? When can you start?

Explain which development step you are currently in and what the next steps are.

With which competences, experiences, resources do you as a person (and your team members) contribute to the success of the project?

Describe yourself and your team members, also with a meaningful CV. The more team members your project has, the more space will be given in the form.

What support do you want from KRACH?

We think ahead and want to know what you need when you win.

What happens to your plan if you do not win at KRACH?

Here we would like to get a short information - because maybe we can also help you otherwise.

What makes your project special? Describe it with 3 hashtags.

Show us that you can get things straight to the point.


In addition to the questions, you are invited to submit a visualization of your idea within the selected location.

The layout of the room is available to you as a pdf next to each location's description on this website. How you handle it (moodboard, model, sketch, ...) is up to your creativity.


Please keep in mind that we have an international jury. For a complete application, you must create a German and an English version of your application. We offer automated translation to you. Our tip: If possible, check the translated version.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us or one of the KRACH supporters .

We wish you and your team every success with your KRACH project.

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