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KRACH at one of the oldest Chemnitz industrial sites? In one of the most successful revitalization projects in the city? On the banks of Chemnitz-river? This is the "Künstlerhaus K40" in schönherr.fabrik. On 260 square meters you can be as creative as it gets.

On the trail of history

The lodging:

Schönherr.fabrik, to which K40 belongs, is one of the oldest industrial sites in Chemnitz: Saxony's economic history has been written here for more than 200 years. First mill, later spinning, then home of mechanical engineering, the site is now, thanks to gradual renovation, a multifunctional and well-visited commercial and industrial area on 83,000 square meters and home to 130 companies from industry, arts and culture, gastronomy, commerce and services, educational institutions and sports - countless starting points for your KRACH!

The location:

Amidst an impressive ensemble of historic industrial buildings, at the foot of Schlossberg with its parks and recreational facilities, directly on the river Chemnitz, in the shadow of the multicolored chimney and only ten minutes by bus from the city center: You can hardly find a more stylish workingplace in Chemnitz. Whether morning jogging escape to the Chemnitz-Aue, business lunch on site or evening dance lessons with your neighbors - plenty of variety can be found here. Free parking is available for your customers on the premises. Thanks to the nearby federal highways, you can also be reached quickly from the motorway.

The space:

Your KRACH room is located on the second floor of Künstlerhaus K40 of schönherr.fabrik - your immediate neighbors are KRACH projects. The K40 is to be renovated by the beginning of 2020 at the earliest - it will receive a heating and sanitary system. The windows are renewed - the characteristic steel frame is preserved. Even the industrial charm with brick walls and steel girders will not be destroyed. Lastly your room was used as a studio. You will not have public traffic or shop windows on this second floor. In addition, areas on the ground floor are also available on request.

What's possible: The space provider can imagine a use as a stage or studio, for small businesses, a workshop, arts and crafts or offices.

What will not work: Excluded are uses with increased noise levels and potential dangers.

This is how it works: The renovation is completed at the earliest beginning of 2020, a temporary lodging in unrefurbished building parts is possible. You will have to pay additional costs of about 1.50 Euro per square meter from the start, the base rent is free for three years. In agreement with the space providers a rental after that period is possible with a negotiated rent.

Attention: You can also apply for usage of only a part of this room's 260 sqm - make it clear in your application!

Use the floor plan for your application: Grundrisse_A4_k40-1.pdf

Space provider

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