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Creative Yard "Die Stadtwirtschaft"

Something big can be created here: The former depot of the Chemnitz city cleaning becomes a creative farm "Die Stadtwirtschaft". With a bit of pioneering spirit your studio in the attic could become another focal point of a lively scene in one of the most exciting parts of Chemnitz - the Sonnenberg.

Pioneering spirit in the backyard

The quarter:

Sonnenberg offers everything you could wish for as a creative: vacancy and living, long-time residents and newcomers, sadness and scene(s) - a quarter which, with all its contradictions, still tries to find itself and needs to be found(ed). In this "backyard of the city center" you already can find affordable housing, a helpful supportive scene and a lot of access - infrastructural due to good transport connection as well as social within proximity of numerous actors from cultural and creative industries.

The location:

Kreativhof "Die Stadtwirtschaft" is located on the southern Sonnenberg, one of the culmination points of cultural and creative life in the city: in immediate vicinity lie, among other things, off-theater "complex", reading café "KaffeeSatz", club "Nikola Tesla", bar "Lokomov", coworking space "Kabinettstückchen", a neighborhood garden, various residential and work projects wich bring in audiences from other parts of the city. You will not be alone in the creative yard: A colorful mixture of mechanics , craftsmen and creative projects has found a home here. Especially from the latter there will be more in the future also thanks to you.

The space:

Your rooms with a size of 25 and 21 square meters are located in the attic of a former administration building of the city's caretakers. The KRACH-experienced building has been invested heavily in recent months, but you and your neighbors have plenty of opportunity to shape your own space. In the opposite hall resides the "Center for the performing arts", a KRACH winner of the first round ready to share their experiences. You only need the larger studio? That's no problem.

What's possible: The space provider can imagine a use for small businesses, arts and crafts, offices or studios.

What will not work: Your neighbors use their rooms as stage and theater rehearsal rooms - if you want to do more than the usual KRACH (noise), have band rehearsals or use larger machines you better choose another of our spaces.

Here's how it works: The refurbishment should be completed in spring of 2019 - so you can move in quickly after KRACH has chosen you. Additional costs of 3.50 euros per sqm must be payed from the start, base rent will be free for three years, but is already fixed for several years to 50 cents.

Use the floor plan for your application: Grundrisse_A4_Kreativhof.pdf

Space provider

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