Grand Opening

June 26, 2019

After almost a year of construction, the project shop "NatürlichKreativ" of KRACH award winner Holzkombinat will open on June 29th at the Brühl.

The Holzkombinat, which has been based at the Brühl for almost four years, applied for an extension area directly on the Brühl boulevard during the first KRACH round 2017/18 - and won the room with perhaps the most beautiful vintage tiles in the city. Just under a year, the renovation work by the owner, Unger group lasted - but the store now really looks great. On June 29th the project shop "NatürlichKreativ" will be opened.

After joint planning of space and renovation, the fine tuning by Holzkombinat followed: with tape and folding rule the planned furniture was visualized on the floor to develop a sense of space. The sales room should be - according to the name - "Naturally Creative" set up, but must also suit as a work space, provide enough space for exhibits and should be able to be redgrouped for workshops at short notice. After planning on paper and an on-site inspection, three-dimensional models were created in order to create every piece from scratch in Holzkombinat's workshop.

The aim is to create a bright retail space in which the "NatürlichKreativ" shop will open every Wednesday through Saturday from 2 to 6 pm. Here you can get creative and crafting material (also unpacked and in small quantities) or natural colors, you can borrow crafting materials or tools or use the changing creative offers in the store for children's birthdays or team events. Of course, the already existing Open Workshop of the Holzkombinat in the Brühl Quarter is preserved - there you can continue to work on your individual timber projects.


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