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Six new properties and twice the startup budget

Feb. 27, 2019

New application phase at KRACH - Kreativraum Chemnitz between 4 March and 30 April 2019

Chemnitz, 27 February 2019. With six new commercial properties that can be used rent-free by cultural and creative enterprises up to three years, the program "KRACH - Kreativraum Chemnitz" starts its second edition on March 4, 2019. Once more, company founders and projects are invited to apply for one of the available spaces and an increased starting budget of 5.000 Euro. Applications can be submitted until 30 April 2019 via the website of the funding program . The winners are determined by an international jury and will be announced in mid-August 2019.

"This time, areas between 25 and 260 square meters are available for the applicants ," as explained by Sören Uhle, Managing Director of Chemnitzer Wirtschaftsförderungs- und Entwicklungs GmbH (Economic Development Corporation, City of Chemnitz), which developed the project together with the city of Chemnitz and the industry association Kreatives Chemnitz e.V. Commercial areas at two of the oldest industrial sites in Chemnitz, schönherr.fabrik and former Maschinenfabrik "Schubert + Salzer" (so-called "Wirkbau") await the interested parties. Both locations, which have been revitalized by their owners over the past years, are experiencing their KRACH premiere. "We decided to extend "K40" in the schönherr.fabrik and hence to invest in young, promising companies, which - as we hope - will again apply to KRACH," says Steve Tietze from SCHÖNHERR WEBA GmbH. For the second time the creative yard "Die Stadtwirtschaft" at the district Sonnenberg will be part of KRACH: "This is where a cluster for the cultural and creative industries should gradually emerge", explains Frank Müller, CEO of Kreatives Chemnitz eV: "That's why last year renovation has been started in order to awake the former municipial economy from its deep slumber."

This time, the application process runs online exclusively via Here, all applicants have to answer ten questions about their business concept, their impact on the city or the surroundings as well as their founding personality, and outline their ideas for the use of space. As in the first edition of KRACH, there will once again be a two-stage selection process: in the first round, the international jury will nominate potential room users, who will then be invited to Chemnitz. After getting to know the city and its possible future spaces, they will once again have the opportunity to adjust their applications before the jury finally decides. In all phases of the application and settlement, the projects can again count on broad support and advice, which are ensured by industry association Kreatives Chemnitz e.V. and the Saxon Center for Culture and Creative Industries.


competition procedure

04.03.2019: Tender start

30.04.2019: End of tender

30.05.2019: First nomination

15./16.06.2019: KRACH weekend in Chemnitz for nominees and jurors

30.06.2019: Period of possible adjustments

30.07.2019: Award winner selection

Mid-August: award ceremony

The new rooms

1) Creative yard "Die Stadtwirtschaft" (Building D), provided by the city of Chemnitz

The industrial building Stadtwirtschaft has an approximately 25 square meter studio in the attic. The building has been renovated completely during recent months. In the opposite corridor the Center for Performing Arts, KRACH winner of the first round, can be found.

2) "schönherr.fabrik" (K40), provided by SCHÖNHERR WEBA GmbH

On the second floor of the K40, artist and creative house of the schönherr.fabrik, three spaces will be available for KRACH winners in 2019: the first one with 260 square meters and the second one with 130 square meters. The building will be renovated according to the winner's needs. The landlord could envision a usage as stage area, for small trade, arts and crafts, studios, crafts or offices.

3) "Wirkbau" (Building C) provided by MIB Wirkbau Chemnitz GmbH & Co. KG

In Wirkbau two rooms with 23 or 36 squaremeters will be await the KRACH winners 2019. Additionally, there are two (joint) ancillary rooms. The Raumgeber can imagine a usage as workshop, studio or office.

An overview of the current jury can be found here

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