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Where you can find information

April 2, 2019

The second KRACH round is on. Until April 30th, 2019, you can apply for one of six KRACH spaces and, of course, a starting budget of 5,000 euros. If we caught your attention and you want to learn more: We have put together a few links so you can inform yourself ...

Everything about the application process

Of course, most informations about the application process are available on our KRACH website. In this article, KRACH answers the most important questions about the current call for entries.

In addition, we recommend: Follow KRACH on Facebook , Instagram or Twitter - we remind you regularly on deadlines of the application period.

A nice summary about KRACH 2.0 can be found for example in this article by Sachsen Fernsehen .

Oh by the way: If something does not work technically, please contact

More about the city

Of course, Chemnitz is known from television. There are even more facts about the city on the website of the city of Chemnitz , the Capital of Culture application of Chemnitz or the Economic Development Corporation City of Chemnitz .

More about the KRACH spaces

The latest information about what its owner plans for the K40 artists and creative house can be found in the magazine of the schönherr.fabrik. The link to its fresh PDF edition can be found on the schönherr.fabrik page .

What is happening in Wirkbau can be read in the press section of the website of "Wirkbau" - here you can find out, for example, who your neighbors could be.

The city magazine "371" has researched how the creative community "Die Stadtwirtschaft" should develop. Online you will find the article in April's issue of the Magazine (page 13).

Not enough

This is still not enough information for you? Then just contact the KRACH supporters for all further questions, who are happy to assist you during your application process.