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More area, bigger offer

Sept. 27, 2018

KRACH visit at Holzkombinat

We met the #krachwinners2018 from Holzkombinat at their future additional commercial premises on the Brühl. Holzkombinat is already successfully represented with a workshop on the Brühl: here hobby carpenters can advance their own projects. "Natürlich Kreativ - Dein Projektladen" is the name of the planned expansion of Holzkombinat: The new rooms on Brühl Boulevard are meant to connect with more people, to offer courses and to sell products. The space can also serve as a workshop for small projects. The store should be opened as soon as possible. Of course the interior should be built and designed by Holzkombinat's members.

The original business does not stand still. Holzkombinat visits selected markets throughout the region with its products and services. With the business expansion, the experienced team has to reinvent itself. Sale is a new field. The team members want to be well positioned and prepared in all business areas. The KRACH consultants continue to support the project and are willing to find ways to overcome obstacles.


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