Krachbesuche Babette Sperling 14
Krachbesuche Babette Sperling 14

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Oct. 4, 2018

KRACH visit at Stroh zu Gold

We met #krachwinner2018 Babette Sperling from Stroh zu Gold (straw to gold) in her premises in Das Tietz, which are provided by WiC. The shopwindows are already branded and the space is equipped with first furniture.

Babette wants to design, manufacture and distribute modern, sustainable clothing with attitude. The project Stroh zu Gold is currently something inbetween research project, hands-on workshop and fashion label. Babette wants to recycle production residues and other valuable materials and process them in her fashion. The idea is not yet completely finalised. The fashion collection is tangible.

Nevertheless, there are still some questions left. Where to begin with? Build tools and carry out research? Develop and hold workshops? Or make a first sustainable collection? Babette needs a Precious Plastic Machine to recycle and process plastic remnants. Without it the project will not move forward. Can you help Babette to build such a machine and bring it into service?

Good luck, Babette Sperling and Stroh zu Gold! We at KRACH Chemnitz will continue to provide you with advice and help you to overcome new challenges.

Stroh zu Gold

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