Krachbesuche Kombinat Lump 6
Krachbesuche Kombinat Lump 6

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Sept. 12, 2018

KRACH visit at Kombinat Lump

KRACH does not only provide commercial space and prize money: The award winners can also fall back on a diverse range of counseling. The KRACH supporters Robert Verch from Kreatives Chemnitz e.V. and Katja Großer from Kreatives Sachsen e.V. visit all winning projects of the first KRACH round in their new business premises. It starts with Kombinat Lump.

Kombinat Lump wants to support young art. The aim is to produce prints that customers receive directly to their homes in the form of subscriptions. Kombinat Lump is founded by Anja Jurleit from Dresden and Marco Henkel from Chemnitz.

They will move into their business premises on Brühl soon. They are provided by the Unger Group. There will be both a workroom and a small gallery.

Kombinat Lump is in the planning phase. The first artists have been acquired. The printing technology is ready and first test prints have been made. There are still pending questions, such as the relevant target group and the recruitment of new customers.

KRACH will continue to provide help and advice and help overcome new challenges.

Kombinat Lump

Gallery with impressions