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Oct. 30, 2018

KRACH visit to Holy Heart Design

We met the #krachwinner2018 from Holy Heart Design in their KRACH rooms. They want to offer a christian alternative to normal T-shirts and design, print and distribute them theirselves. The KRACH rooms are already fully equipped. Even for decoration has already been taken care of. In the future, the work of Holy Heart Design shall be transformed from sideline to full-time employment: the company wants to grow.

Currently the company is running part-time. But founder Samuel Reinig wants to devote himself fully to the idea. What are the options for the growth of Holy Heart design? Which new products and product groups can be tapped and how can the existing product be better placed and ultimately sold? How do you operate a successful webshop and with ERP-system can you work with? What stories do you want to tell in social media?

Many questions were raised during the visit of KRACH-supporters Katja Gross and Robert Verch. We at KRACH Chemnitz continue to provide you with help and advice to help you master the new challenges.

Holy Heart Design

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