Krachbesuche Creative Coffee Hub 23
Krachbesuche Creative Coffee Hub 23

Awake with KRACH and coffee

Oct. 9, 2018

KRACH visit to Creative Coffee Hub

We met #krachwinners2018 from Creative Coffee Hub in their commercial premises on the edge of Brühl. In the future, the city's best coffee will be ground, roasted and served in a creative atmosphere.

"The Bell" - as the pub was once called - has been empty for more than 20 years. The 250 square meters in direct proximity to the opera house, diagonally opposite the bus station must first be redeveloped. A mammoth project with many challenges.

The team of Creative Coffee Hub is at the planning stage. Currently they are working on a detailed business plan. One topic is financing. Coffee beans, furnishing, marketing, cash flows, decoration, corporate identity and business form - everything has to be sorted and processed according to importance.

The Creative Coffee Hub could be funded via bootstrapping. That's a way of financing, where no external money flows into the enterprise: The company finances itself completely from one's own funds. Growth is gradually made possible with profits.

We at KRACH Chemnitz continue to support the #krachwinners from Creative Coffee Hub and are ready to work together to find ways to overcome hurdles.

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