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Nov. 24, 2017

PM: Chemnitz announces the award KRACH for companies and projects of the creative industry

With the launch of the website , Chemnitz is launching a call for projects to the "KRACH - Kreativraum Chemnitz" award, which aims to locate companies and projects in the creative industry from all over Europe in the city. Private and municipal real estate companies provide several years of free rental space for the award. In addition, award winners receive a starting budget of 2,500 euros as well as advice from experts in business, law and marketing. Up to ten projects per year will be supported this way. The application requires the submission of a project outline. The application deadline for the first funding year is January 31th, 2018.

"Our aim is to make the city more colorful and more international by attracting new companies," explains Sören Uhle, Managing Director of the Chemnitz Economic Development Corporation mbH (CWE), who together with the city of Chemnitz and "Kreatives Chemnitz"- an assambly of the cultural and creative industries has developed KRACH. "KRACH - Kreativraum Chemnitz" is based on the funding program "IncrediBOL!", which has been used to successfully set up creative and cultural projects in the Italian city of Bologna for several years. It was adapted for Chemnitz with partners from the real estate and creative industries: "To do this, we use the potential that our city has to offer: short routes to decision-makers in the city, close networking between creative industries and industry the available space to develop", adds Uhle.

Together with the city's planning office, districts were identified in which more and more cultural and creative industries have settled in recent years. These approaches should be further strengthened in the sense of clustering. Among the lodgings in which KRACH objects can be found are therefore the Sonnenberg, the city center, the Brühl quarter as well as the Schlossviertel and the Altchemnitzer Straße with the Spinnereimaschinenbau. Landlords to support KRACH are the municipal real estate and building management company (GGG) and its daughter Living in Chemnitz GmbH (WiC) and the private companies Third Sinus Beteiligungs GmbH and Co. KG (Unger Group) and Spinnwerk GmbH and Co. KG, which will provide the subsidized projects with free rental space for two to three years. Only the additional costs have to be paid by the selected projects.

The properties on offer here are diverse: ready-to-use office or retail space can be found as well as objects in shell condition or even office or workshop areas in need of renovation that allow individual design by the award winners. "We want to address people who want to develop themselves and their project into an economic viability and thereby help to shape our city," explains Sören Uhle.

The selection of the funded projects is in responsibility of an international jury. Prior to their decision, a joint weekend is planned in which the applicants get to know the city and the offered KRACH spaces and to get an idea of the initiators, landlords, jurors and applicants. The first winners will be announced in March 2018.


Information about the award in German and English is available at as well as on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under "krachchemnitz".


Printable photographs of KRACH objects are available on request

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