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Offene Blende

Offene Blende

Never before there were as many photographer as today: Susan Strebe and Heiko Loth pick up this trend with their project "Offene Blende" (open aperture).

They plan to open a photo studio in their KRACH room in building K40 of schönherr.fabrik, which interested amateur photographers can rent by the hour. In addition to a basic technical equipment, there are also various theme rooms available for photo productions. The offer is supplemented by courses, for example in the field of image processing.

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Offene Blende

c/o Zammwerk

Susan Strebe und Heiko Loth
Theaterstraße 56

0163 / 311 64 37


KRACH machen an einem der ältesten Chemnitzer Industriestandorte? In einem der gelungensten Revitalisierungsprojekte der Stadt? Und am Ufer der Chemnitz im Schatten der Esse? Das geht im Künstlerhaus K40 in der schönherr.fabrik. Auf 260 Quadratmeter kannst du dich so richtig austoben.

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